Besides everything else going on yesterday, Christian had a field trip.  I was a little unsure how that was going to go since Christian had it out with me while getting dressed yesterday morning.  He refused.  What can you do when your child refuses???  I had wrestled clothes on to his body only for him to take one thing off as I was putting another on.  After 10-minutes of wrestling while the bus patiently waited in our driveway, I walked out and sent the bus away.  I’d have to drive him in.  Thankfully, after an extra 1/2-hour at home, he was willing to get dressed.  Whew!  However, when I mentioned school, he started whimpering and said, “Church.”  He has never “asked” for church before…

Needless-to-say, he was NOT happy when we got to school.  He screamed.  He held onto the straps on his carseat.  I had to carry him into school while he threw himself around hoping that I would drop him and he could escape.  Unfortunately for him, I knew that routine and managed to get him into school.  (Unfortunately for Olivia, she had to follow us into school in the very bitter winter air, while I hoped that I wasn’t walking too quickly for her. 😦 )  We got into his classroom and he continued to scream, refused to take his coat off, tried repacking his backpack as we helped him unpack it … I was really worried that this was NOT a good sign for the trip.  😦  One of the assistants finally got him engaged in something else and gave me the signal to just sneak away.  (Which is what needs to happen when we’re in that situation.)

I didn’t receive any phone calls while they were out, that was a good thing.  When I got to school, I was preparing to hear that things were a little rough, but his teacher and both assistants said that he did SUPER on the trip!  HURRAY!!!! 🙂  They went to Wal-Mart to shop for their classroom exchange gift, ate lunch at Pizza Hut (they went through the drive-thru at the next door McDonald’s to pick up burger patties for Christian), and then went to visit Santa at the Mall.  He did great!  I’m SO happy!  🙂

Next big curiosity-maker is his BIG Holiday Program coming up at the local PAC on Friday night.  Hmm…I’m excited (yet nervous) to see how that will go!  (I hope that his social story will help!!!)