A Snow Day was called by 8:30 last night.  (Thank goodness!)  I love the new automated district-wide phone calling system that can ring everyone’s phone at once and let us know about things like snow days, other emergencies, etc.

However, I have started to notice a strange pattern with Christian so far in this short “snowy” season.  When it starts snowing overnight, he wakes by 3am.  Granted we’ve only had two such nights so far, but it seems like a trend.  (Feeling the change in atmospheric pressure perhaps???)  Because it had been snowing here most of the day yesterday, he just couldn’t go to bed last night.  I tried SO many times to get him to lay down with me, but it was like I was touching a live nerve with him.  He would scream until Olivia woke-up.  I would go to tend to her and he would head back to the basement.  Sigh.  I finally just thought, He’ll eventually fall asleep on his own, so I might as well lay down for awhile.  Mistake.

I was awaken an hour+ later (1am-ish) by Christian asking for movies and pulling at my hand.  As I opened my eyes and rolled over to look at him, I noticed he had no clothes on.  Absolutely not a thing.  I immediately knew what that meant.  Another lesson in humility.  He had it on his hands and feet, so I walked him into the bathroom, pulled back the shower curtain, only to find my lesson hiding in there.  Sigh.  So I carefully carried him to the bathroom off of our bedroom (thankful that we have two bathrooms) and started up the shower, which in turn woke Brian.

Christian in the shower.  In the middle of the night.  Brian knew what that meant.  He got up to see what he could do to help.  Upon walking into the other bathroom, he was bowled over by the smell.  Yes, my husband, the dairy farmer, who is around cow poo all day, just about gagged at the stench.  Thankfully, he powered through by breathing through a towel and helped me clean out the shower while I went to work cleaning the carpet in the living room/hallway where it was tracked.  Nothing beats the romance of doing that kind of cleaning with your husband in the middle of the night.  😉

By then, Christian had been thoroughly soaked, so I toweled him off and put him back into his beloved jammies.  Brian informed Christian that he needed to go to bed.  To which (of course), Christian screamed, “NO!” and ran off to the basement.  Brian turned back in, while I finished sanitizing the tub, less than five minutes later I walked downstairs to find Christian curled up in a ball sleeping on a cushion.  What a relief!

With his snow day, I hope that he sleeps in.  (I also hope that Olivia will sleep in a bit, too!  Mama needs her “beauty” sleep. 😉 )  Time for me to turn back in now, too…