Our state is in a Winter Storm Blizzard Warning.  We are forecasted to get about 9″ of snow between now and tomorrow noon with lots of blowing and drifting snow.  I am hoping for a snow day.

Normally I’m not a big fan of having our rut routine broken by missing days of school, but I am not prepared to shovel out our 100+ foot driveway by 7:15 tomorrow morning for the bus while getting the backpack/lunchbox together and a little man fed, dressed, and bathroomed while helping the princess accomplish her morning demands. 

I just don’t see how I can make that happen without cloning and/or a snowblower.  Without either of those, I will just settle for a snow day.  I stocked up on movies, books, bananas, and snacks, so I’m ready to be stuck in the house for the day.  😉