Olivia and I had an interesting morning at the library.

I am no longer parking in the metered library lot and adjoining metered streets.  (Take that, Parking Nazi!)  We are parking a couple of blocks away, where there are no meters so that we can just enjoy our time at the library and not have to keep strict tabs on our time.  Now instead of just getting movies and books, we are coloring and playing with the library toys and puppets.  (And taking our sweet time doing so.)

This morning when we were wrapping up our visit, a preschool-aged boy and his uncle came into the very empty Children’s section.  The uncle told the boy that he needed to get something from the car, that the boy should stay in the “play area,” and that if he had any questions he should talk to the librarians sitting at the desk on the other side of the section. 

I watched this boy.  He seemed so alone.  He asked for some trucks to play with on the “street rug.”  I helped him find them on the shelf.  Then he just wanted to talk and be by us, so I didn’t feel like we could leave.  And Olivia, who is normally extremely shy at the library, hiding behind me or hanging her head any time someone tries to talk with her, just started immediately playing with this boy.  (After watching and talking with him for a few minutes, I am pretty sure that he is on the autism spectrum somewhere — running an ever-familiar circle around me as we talked, repeating questions asked, etc.)  I was amazed just watching them play together.  They seemed to understand each other without having to say many words.  Laughter was their dominating communication.  So, we just could NOT leave. 

After being gone for quite some time, the uncle came back.  We left then.  I think with a new friend.