So, I’ve been a little blah lately.  A little busy.  Shopped the Black Friday craziness, but got some awesome deals.  5-day breaks from school always make things a little just “weird” around here.  I’ve had lots of blog post ideas running through my head, but none will probably make it here because most have already left my mind.

However, the kids have been saying some very cute and/or funny things in the last week.  Here’s a few…

  • Olivia — “Mom.  I need tattoos, ‘cuz it’s Thanksgiving.”
  • Christian watching the end credits on a movie — “I love post production!!!”
  • Olivia — “Only boys can be dudes.”
  • Christian — “I love rollerskate!”  (They are having a rollerskating unit in PE at school.  He’ll probably be much better than me. 😉  )
  • Olivia — “Mom, you wear me out, but I love you anyway.”  (I’m pretty sure she got that line from Olivia the pig.)
  • Christian — “Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!”

I love my kids!  🙂