So, Olivia and I made our weekly trek to the library this morning.  After getting halfway there and realizing that I had left our book bag sitting on a shelf in the garage (sigh) that we went back and picked-up (because what good is it to go to the library when you don’t have the items that are due??), we found a spot in the library parking lot. 

Now, our library lot is metered (except for a  row of 15-minute free spaces) and the streets surrounding the library are also metered.  So, I put my coins in (thankful that I actually had some along), checked my watch, and dashed into the library with the clock ticking. 

Olivia and I returned our current books and movies and headed for the Children’s section.  We picked out new movies and books, colored, and played with some magnetic letters as I was keep track of the time (without trying to rush her too much).  When we had a couple of minutes before our time expired, we found a very slow moving line at the checkout.  We finished checking out right around the time that our meter expired.  OK, hurry, but no.  Potty Emergency!  Livs had to go, and when she has to go, she has to go NOW!  Into the bathroom we go.  Relief she received.

A few minutes later, we were headed out to the car.  I helped Olivia into her carseat and then saw the ticket on the windshield.  Really???  Because we stopped to use the bathroom???  Not cool!  😦  We had been ticketed by the Parking Nazi.

The Parking Nazi — the overly zealous parking attendant of our town.  He seems to take great pride in issuing tickets in the downtown area.  I have seen him before looking like he is smiling while sliding the tickets into the wiper blades.  I have been told that he will come into a lot, write down the times of when the meters expire, and come back at that time to issue tickets.  True?  I don’t know.  But this dude does write a lot of tickets.

Anyway, I was pretty frustrated with the whole ticket thing.  I was reading the back of my “parking citation” and found a number to call to contest it.  Why not?  The worst thing they could do is to tell me to just suck it up and pay for the stupid ticket, right?  So, I called the toll-free number, and waited for a customer service rep, who gave me a local number to call to contest.  OK.  I called that number.  No one answered.  I called again and got a machine (which sounded like a personal message, not a business one).  I’m persistent so I continued to call again and again and again.  (Even left a message once.)  Then, my gut was telling me, something was not right about this number that I had trying, so I called the toll-free number again.  They told me that I’d have to contact a local office and gave me a number.  A different number.  Sigh.  So, I called that number.  Yes, this was a county office, but they were out for the rest of the day.  Sigh.  I guess I’ll be back at it tomorrow morning.  😉  (Because I really have a bunch of other things that I’d rather spend $10 on!!!)  (Oh, and SO sorry to the random lady I was calling all afternoon!!!)

I think next week, when it’s library day, I’m going to hunt down a parking spot a few blocks away on a side street without metered parking.  Ha ha, Parking Nazi, take that!!! 😉

UPDATE — Big surprise, I ended up paying the ticket.  I was told that they don’t care if you are walking across the parking lot when the ticket is written, if you’re late, you’re late even if it’s only 30 seconds.  Sigh.