Our house became the site of my in-law’s 40th anniversary party yesterday.  Brian and his sister, LB, did most of the planning.  My plan was to clean the house and make whatever it was that they needed me to make.

Seriously, I don’t think our house has ever been this clean.  Ever.  ‘Cuz even when we moved in there was construction dust everywhere.  (If you want to see a clean house, visit tomorrow as I don’t know how long the clean-ness will last! 😉 )  I was proud of my accomplishment.  I asked Brian last night how long he thought this could last.  He said, “Maybe a 1/2-day.” I would LOVE it to last.  Realistically, I don’t know if it is humanly possible, but I’m happy to say that it is still VERY clean at the end of the day today. 🙂

The party went REALLY well.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.  The entertainment portion went excellently!  (Brian was really worried about this.)  The food was delicious.  (Thankfully, I was only in charge of making green bean casserole and the punches (rum and unrum).)  By the time everyone left, there was minimal work on our part to get everything cleaned up.  Lovely!  Fun.

(And Christian did OK with the large number of people in our house.  He was most upset that he was not allowed to wear his jammies during the party — we had a 1/2-hour meltdown in his bedroom.  But he was happy that he still had control over the small TV in the basement, so that appeased him.  🙂  )

Today, though, my body just hurts.  Every single one of my joints ache.  I would just like to crawl in bed and sleep.  (Do you think I can convince everyone to go to bed by 6pm??? 😉 )  Time to hit the ibuprofen, perhaps.

Anyway, I’m just happy that everything went as smoothly as it did yesterday and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Happy 40th Anniversary, H & K!!!  Many more blessed years to you!  🙂