Dear Bus Driver,

I appreciate you coming and picking up my son every morning so that I don’t have to wrangle both of my children and get Christian to school on time.  Christian loves to ride the bus (as long as there is not a substitute driver).  He apparently loves the music you listen to, as he was dancing away as I tried to get him into his harness this morning. 🙂

I’m just going to ask that you please come at a specific time.  Even 5-minutes within that time.  Lately there seems to be a 15+ minute window in which you show up in our driveway.  Understand I have to wait until the last minute to wrestle dress Christian (or he will go looking for his jammies and attempt putting them back on).  I watch out the window, where I can actually see the ‘Main Street” highway, and when I see his bus, I help him wiggle into his socks, shoes, and coat.

But this morning, you showed up SO early, 15-minutes earlier than yesterday morning and 7-minutes earlier than when the bus company tells me to expect you.  At this time, I hadn’t even started the wrestling dressing process.  Christian was still laying in bed, giggling to himself over the adventures of a new day.  So, I apologize for not being ready, but it would really help me if we could pick a time and stick with it.  (Or coordinate our watches or something.)

Anyway, thanks again for transporting part of my heart to school every morning.  Please be careful with him.  He is such an important member of our family.  And we love him.


Christian’s Mom

P.S.  My husband would really appreciate it if you could stop backing the whole bus onto our yard.  He says there are some pretty nasty ruts there now that he’s not sure how to fix.  Thanks.