Christian is recovering pretty well from his duel ear infections and lung junk.  His cough still remains, but that is about it.  Well, except that we have had some regression in pooing issues.  Pooing issues that we haven’t seen in YEARS.  Pooing in the pants.  Why???  Could this possibly be related to his antibiotic shot from last Wednesday?  The first time it happened the poo was softer, which tends to happen to him with antibiotics.  I didn’t think much of it.  But then it happened on Monday afternoon.  And last night.  Huh.  I am doing my best to try and piece this mystery together.  Why is this happening all of the sudden?  (Even before he was potty-trained, Christian couldn’t stand the feel of poo in his pants and would undress before pooing (leaving a “surprise” on the floor of whatever room he had been in).  So this is highly unusual for us!)  I’m wondering if the antibiotics are no longer making his poo soft, but still making it come quickly before he can get to the toilet???  Perhaps?  Has anyone else been through this after their child had an antibiotic treatment?  I’m just trying to grasp what’s going on, so that I can be aware and possibly prevent it from happening again…

Oh, and then there are the MAJOR sensory issues we have been going through again.  Even MORE than normal.  Running while shaking his head.  Extreme crashing.  Extreme climbing.  Extreme need for heavy pressure.  I am looking forward to the sensory issues getting more back to our regular “routine.”  Although, I have found that my elastic headbands are working REALLY well to give Christian the constant head pressure that he is seeking!  Hurray for a simple solution!  🙂

And then there is the bus.  Christian vomited on the bus again this morning.  So, again, I was called to pick him up from school as soon as he got there.  Sigh.  I’m starting to wonder if his trip is just too long for him when he is having respiratory problems???  He is PERFECTLY fine now.  Running and eating and dancing and singing and jumping like normal.  He is still coughing, so my thought is that he coughed up some “junk” and then gagged and threw up.  And I’m guessing his gag reflex is activated a little easier on the bus because of his positioning with his harness.  Hmm… so, do I keep sending him on the bus when he is having respiratory issues or just drive him to school and know that he’ll be just fine?!?  (I will probably have to drive him in tomorrow as they will still sanitizing his harness.)

So, today, I’m playing detective.  Trying to get to the bottom of all of these issues.   (At least the sleep has been pretty good.  😉  )