…whatever that is!

Olivia’s “throw-up bug” was contained only to Friday.  Thank goodness!  I was glad that I had made the decision on Thursday afternoon to keep Christian home yet on Friday.  It worked out perfectly not to be having to drag a puking girl along to get him from school.  😉  As of 8am, yesterday morning, she was back to her normal-Olivia-self.  🙂  (i.e.  paging through the toy catalogs and telling us how “I loved this very blanket when I was a kid.”) 

Christian will have quite the adjustment getting back into the “normal” routine.  He has been pretty much living in his jammies since Tuesday afternoon.  (Well, minus our doctor’s visit and church this morning, and the couple of times I “stole” them while he was using the bathroom and threw them in the wash. 😉 )  While hoping that everything will be “just peachy” in the morning with no battles, I am also preparing for the possibility of wrestling actual clothes (and socks/shoes/coat) back on Christian in the morning, “wet noodling” while getting onto the bus and into the harness, and a report from school at the end of the day that he was running constantly, unable to focus, and hyper-sensory-needy.  But, like I said, I’m hoping (and praying) for the best. 🙂  Perhaps, it would be helpful to dig out the “Going to School” social story from the beginning of the year.  Hmm…

But Christian is mostly back to his normal-Christian-self…the constant “singing” is back, his need for speed, his climbing, his crashing, his need to type on the computer.  He has a cough that is still lingering and he occasionally touches his ears.  He has also been less responsive than he had been — back more to the leading by the hand to get what he wants, avoiding answering questions or whispering the responses instead. 

I’m sure it will take awhile to get back into our rut routine.  I am thankful that the sickness spiraling through the house hasn’t been any worse.