This week has been one of those fast-moving “never a dull moment” kind of weeks.  Christian has been home all week (except for Tuesday, and even then I was called to pick him up early from school).  I don’t think that he has minded getting to hang out in his favorite jammies all day though.  😉  He is starting to move around a little more quickly and we are starting to hear cycles of his “happy screaming” come back to life, but he is not quite back to normal.  (And this I can tell for sure, because he is napping right now, which never happens when he is perfectly healthy.)

 However, since Christian’s illness is not contagious, we have been trying to have therapy yesterday and today.  So, yesterday afternoon PS was here having therapy with Christian in the basement, where Olivia had joined them.  (Really, I think Olivia is under the impression that the therapists foremost job is to play with her. 😉 )  Christian and Liv were bouncing around in the ballpit and pretending to be stuck in one of the corners.  Well, Christian was actually stuck with Liv laying on top of him, so PS grabbed Olivia by the hands to pick her up off of him when she started crying hysterically.  This was not her whiny cry.  This was not her attention-getting cry.  This was her real “I’m hurt!” cry.  Poor PS was trying to console an inconsolable Olivia. I came down and brought Livs back upstairs and sat her down on my lap.  Anytime she moved her arm, even the tiniest little bit, she would scream out in pain and start crying again.

Instinctually, my gut said, “dislocated elbow.”  Christian had 3 or 4 dislocated elbows when he was between the ages of 2-3.  It seemed like this was exactly was Liv had going on, but there was a bit of doubt in my mind just because she had never had this problem before.  After trying to console her for 2+ hours, I decided to take her into the urgent care once AT & LW got here to do therapy with Christian.  Liv was still crying as I got her into the car, cried on the way over to the clinic, cried getting out of the car…and then we were sitting in the registration area when all of the sudden she turned to me and said, “Mommy, my arm not hurt anymore.”  She was bending and twisting her arm again with a smile on her face.  So, we just talked to the nurse, who confirmed my initial thought of it being a dislocated elbow” and told me that if we didn’t wait to see the doctor, she wouldn’t charge us for the visit.  We left with a couple more stickers than what we came with.  🙂

Today, Christian is doing well, but still has a pretty significant cough.  And Olivia has a belly ache, threw-up once, and has taken three naps already (and it is only 1pm).  Poor Livs, is just not doing well.  😦  I’m hoping that all of the extra sleep will be what she needs to help her tummy feel better!

I have been more exhausted than normal and thinking that my ears may have some fluid inside, but am doing OK.  Looking forward to having everybody feeling better again. 🙂  (And hopefully soon…)