Christian is actually sick now.  😦

Sunday morning, he woke-up with a fever at 4:45 (stupid daylight’s savings changes).  (He felt hot, although we never got his temp to see how “hot” he was.)  He was napping by 8am.  (Um, totally NOT normal!!!)  Brian stayed home with him while Olivia and I went to LARB’s baptism.  (Brian was also a godfather.)  I guess Christian laid around, not wanting to eat or drink until 1pm-ish, at which point he then ate some toast and pretzels and drank some water.  When I got home, he curled up on me and slept some more and snuggled on the couch.  I started cancelling therapy, school, and the bus for Monday.  Boom — 7pm — Christian got up and ran downstairs.  He was running and playing with the DVD player.  Yep, his fever had broken.  He seemed back to normal to me…

…but because the fever had lasted so late into the evening, I kept him home on Monday.  He seemed perfectly fine all day.  I cancelled the bus on Tuesday to keep an eye on his cough for an extra hour, which subsided after he was awake for a 1/2-hour, so I took him to school.  Miss JB called me at 1pm and told me that Christian looked like he was going to fall asleep on the table and asked if I wanted to pick him up a little early since he had 4 hours of therapy after school.  So, I picked him up 30-minutes early.  They told me that he had a really good day, but that he was very quiet (whispering answers/noises) and inactive.  SO not him!  He didn’t nap (of course) once we got home, but was extremely quiet and not moving at the speed-of-light like normal.  He fought the sleep as long as he could, but fell asleep around 6:15 while AB was here.  So tired.  (And since he had fallen asleep SO early, he woke at 11:45 and was up until 4am.  Then he napped until 6 before he was up for the day.)

I was starting to put the clues together by this time — quiet, slow-moving Christian is NOT a healthy Christian — so what was wrong???  I was thinking ears — ear infection(s) because he was SO quiet.  (I know that when I had my ear infection in the last year that my voice kind of echoed in my head when I talked, so maybe his voice was too loud for him??)  And then I was concerned about his cough.  It just didn’t sound good.

So, I kept him home today.  I finally got a 2pm appointment with the nurse practitioner.  She was very good and did his whole work-up on the floor with us because that was where Christian was the most comfortable.  (Although, he definitely did NOT want to be at the doctor’s office!!)  Yep, fluid in his ears, his glands were swollen, and he had a wheeze in his breathing.  Sigh.  Poor guy.  (At least she said that he is not contagious!!!)  She wanted him on antibiotics and since I canNOT get him to take oral meds that left us the only option of an antibiotic injection. 

Christian is surprisingly strong.  It took 3 nurses and myself wrestling him (on the floor, so that he wouldn’t fall off of the table) to give him the shot.  The nurses didn’t really want to do it, but I knew that was my only option to get him the full dose of medicine.  (I would have been wearing it otherwise.  Seriously.)

So, Christian will be home again tomorrow.  Perhaps with some therapy (as he is not contagious) depending on how tired he is.  I’m going to play Friday by ear.  We’ll see.  I just hope that he sleeps better tonight! 😉