Some have suggested that when sleep is going well here that I may have to consider changing my blog title.  Well, I don’t think that will happen any time soon.  The kids are working on keeping me honest — Livs was up once last night with the “pees” and, well, Christian got up at 3:30 (again).  At 4am I realized that there was nothing that I could do to persuade him back to sleep, so he went downstairs and played while I passed out on the couch (with Olivia because her bed was torn apart and being washed).  I figured Christian knew where I was if he needed anything and I could get some much needed sleep in-between those times.  😉  And Christian never went back to sleep.  (Good luck therapists with his 7-hours of therapy today.  Who’s watch will he fall asleep on??  😉  )

The question is why?  Why did he get up last night?  He didn’t have to poo, so there must be another reason.  Hmm…  could it really just be the change in the atmospheric pressure?  Did he sneak a food that he’s not supposed to eat?  I don’t have any clue, but I sure hope sleep actually happens tonight!!!