So, this week is cruising right along, but I’m feeling sort of blah.  Not really sure why.  Just tired.  Unmotivated.  But still needing to get things accomplished.

I have been needing to wrestle Christian into his clothes every morning this week.  This morning it literally took me a half-hour to find a shirt that he would even remotely tolerate and then help him into his pants, socks, shoes, coat, etc.  Sigh.  At least, the other mornings weren’t quite as bad.  And tomorrow, if he REALLY wants to, he can spend all day in his jammies because there is no school Thursday/Friday (teachers’ conferences) and we only have home therapy scheduled.  Perhaps this will be less of an issue by next week.  (One can dream, right???)

And then there has been the bus issue this week…  Christian’s regular driver has been out sick all week.  There has been a different sub on the bus every morning.  Um, yeah, Christian has NOT been thrilled about this and has dropped to the ground every morning in protest.  Sigh.  So, I wrestle him into his harness and then clip him into his seat.  Except, yesterday, he was SO worked up (and having major sinus congestion) that I think he gagged himself in his anger and threw-up on the bus.  They called me as soon as he got to school and I had to go pick him up.  By the time I got there, he was running laps in the classroom and laughing.  Once we got home he ran up and down the hallway and stairs and ate and climbed and jumped and danced all day (just like usual).  (Oh, and during one of his “Christian dances” he was mumbling to himself and I listened real closely and he was saying “I’m dancing.  I’m dancing.”  TOO cute!!  😉  )  So, after wrestle-fest this morning, I walked him out to the bus to find another new sub and a bus assistant.  Apparently his harness was still getting sanitized from the pukes, so they wanted him to sit with a seatbelt on in a different seat than normal.  Um, yeah, that didn’t go over very well.  Actually, it didn’t go over at all.  After personally wrestling him into a seat for a couple of minutes, they said that they can’t wrestle him all the way to school.  Sigh.  So, I drove him in.  (He gets to spend an extra 45-minutes at home that way.)  Unfortunately, me driving him to school only throws off his whole school day, because in his mind Mommy is only at school to take him home, so as soon as we got to the classroom and saw me in his classroom, he wanted to go home.  Yes, another “wet noodle” episode.  Then he got aggressive with Olivia for holding my hand while in his classroom and pushed her right over pretty hard.  So then they were both crying.  😦  Not the best start to the day…

…which actually started at 3:30am when Christian decided that he was done sleeping for the night.  (Why???)  I tried my hardest to convince him to go back to sleep (or at least lay back down and stop jumping on the bed), but it didn’t work.  By 4:30 he was in the basement, spelling with his letter blocks and monkeying with the DVD player (and needing my help every couple of minutes).  Sigh.  No more sleep for me.  I had plenty of time to pick out his “costume” for school today, though.  (He went as a train engineer because he has to wear overalls.  (His choice, not mine.)  It was either that or a hunter because he has some camo shirts and overalls, too.)  Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to get him to bed before 10-ish last night.  Then Olivia got up ten minutes later, so I got her back to sleep in the next 1/2-hour only to have her wake a couple hours later because she “peed.”  Sigh.  So changed her, cleaned that up, got her back to sleep, got myself finally back to sleep when — sigh — Christian woke for the day.  Bummer.  But I am counting on better sleep tonight because he pooed.  That’s right, he pooed.  A monstrous poo.  And on days when he needs to poo and doesn’t do so before bed, he gets up in the middle of the night and has a hard time going back to sleep.  Well, he pooed a week’s worth this afternoon, so I’m counting on there being sleep tonight.  (Well, at least for him.  😉 )

And Monday, I started a major project that I have been meaning to do for a while and just wasn’t sure where to start, so just kept putting it off.  De-cluttering our bedroom.  It has been pretty bad since we moved into this house about a year ago.  There were boxes that hadn’t been gone through since we moved back from Florida (over two years ago).  Kids clothes all over the place, as I keep taking clothes that don’t fit out of the kids’ closets and somehow it all just piles in our room.  Along with the curtain rods that were taken down so that they wouldn’t be constantly pulled down, and suitcases from our vacation this summer that just never made it back to the basement, etc.  We are hosting a party here in a couple of weeks and I know that we are going to need a place to stash everyone’s coats/purses/etc.  I know that place is going to end up being our room, so the proverbial fire has been lit under by butt and I’m going to get it done.  It actually looks SO MUCH BETTER in there already.  I’m excited to see what it will look like when it is totally done.  (And then I’m hoping that I can keep it looking that nice all of the time!!! 😉 )

So, anyway, the weeks keep right on going, whether I’m ready or not.  It’s hard to believe that Sunday is November already!!!  And we are left with the next two days without school.  (Which always throws Christian for a loop.  At least the therapists have added an extra shift each day!!  Thanks, guys! 🙂 )

I am looking forward to Sunday, though.  Brian and I were asked to be godparents for new nephew, LARB.  I’m extra excited because this will be the first time that I will be a godmommy and actually get to be at the baptism!  Hurray!  (Now to see how Christian handles Mommy and Daddy both being in the front of church for 5-ish minutes.  Help!)  But, I’m excited.  🙂  Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. — Matthew 19:14