Christian’s class is scheduled to take a field trip tomorrow to the movie theater.  His class (along with the other special ed classrooms and the kindergarten classes) are going to see “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Christian will be skipping this trip.

I started hearing buzz over the weekend on Facebook that this movie isn’t really “kid friendly.”  I asked a couple of my friends about it and they told me what they had heard and why they aren’t taking their kids to see the movie.  Then I started reading online reviews.  Pretty much every review was saying that the movie is appropriate for children 10-years+/4th grade and up.  Hmm…  Christian is 5 and in Kindergarten and has a fear of larger muppet-type characters.  Yeah.  I think that I’ll pick him up from school before the movie.  I don’t want his first experience in the movie theater to be a scary/negative one.  We’ll wait for an appropriate movie to come to the Sensory Friendly Film Saturdays at AMC in the future.  And then we’ll dance in the aisle as we enjoy it.  😉