Last week, I had posted about a “little” escape routine that Christian pulled on the bus.  I was hoping this would prompt the bus company to make sure that they put his harness on the bus over the weekend.  (Replacing harness with carseat that he had been riding in.)

Well, they had a harness on the bus yesterday.  One that I could have fit into.  And let’s just say that I weigh a tad bit more than my 45-pound 5-year-old.  (Unfortunately, I had a feeling it would be  too big — the bus driver kept insisting that he needed a XL.  She must have over-ruled anything that Christian’s teacher and I had told the bus company, thinking that anything else would be too small with his winter coat on.)  Sigh.  Needlesstosay, that harness was NOT going to be safe for Christian to ride to school in.  I insisted on driving him in.  He needed to be safe and that was the ONLY way that was going to happen yesterday. 

After I dropped him off at school (and he had an “off-day” because I dropped him off and that’s NOT how he gets to school!!!), I personally called the bus company and spoke directly to the guy who is in charge of getting this equipment on the bus.  His driver was now insisting that he needed a large.  (My thoughts were that still sounded too big for my size-6 (boys) wearing son!!!)  So, the guy asked for Christian’s weight.  Said, “Oh, OK,” and told me that he would get the right size on the bus for Christian.  (Thank goodness!!!)

So, I got Christian out to the bus this morning and found a much smaller harness awaiting him.  (Of course, the driver thought it looked too small before we put it on him.)  And the fit?  Perfect.  With just enough room for his winter coat (that he wasn’t wearing this morning), but not enough to wiggle out of.  Sigh (of relief).

I don’t know why this had to take 2-months to get corrected, but I’m SO glad that it is finally taken care of!