As I was getting Christian situated on the bus this morning, his driver told me that yesterday he had been able to unbuckle his carseat and was standing on top of the seat trying to flip over into the seat behind him.  I was not overly surprised.

On the very first day of school this year (Sept. 1st), I had seen that the carseat wasn’t going to work for Christian.  He had grown over the summer and was just too big for it.  He needed a harness.  His teacher contacted the bus company and they sent her paperwork to fill out.  She filled it out and immediately sent it back in to them.  They sent her new papers saying they needed a parent signature, too.  (Although there was NO space for it.  How was anyone supposed to know that???)  So I signed it.  We were then informed that they needed to order one his size.  Really?  Couldn’t they have been doing this already? 

Which all leads up to yesterday, a month and a half after I/we realized that the carseat wasn’t going to work for Christian, ESPECIALLY once he got to the point when he needed to wear a winter coat (that happened this week).  I hope this prompts the bus company to put the harness on the bus!  (The driver said they have it at the station now.  It doesn’t do Christian much good if it just sits around the office!) 

I’m praying that Christian will be safe on his ride this morning.  I pray that the bus company will realize how desperately they NEED to get the harness on the bus for Christian’s safety as well as the safety as everyone else on the bus.  I pray that they can make that change by Monday and that yesterday’s escaping tricks will be the kick in the pants that they need to just get it done.