Christian has been sleeping through the night.  Consistently.  Soundly.  For two weeks straight. 

I am thinking that the supplements that we started him on two weeks ago are making a difference in his body.  He has been sleeping better.  He is doing fabulously in school with almost no meltdowns and more clear communication.  Could this really just be the result of getting his much needed minerals (calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3) in some applesauce every evening??  The doubter in me thinks “no way,” but that has been the only major change that coincides with these improvements.

Regardless of the source(s) of these positive changes, I am not complaining.  I am happily rejoicing!  🙂

And no, I will not be changing my blog title yet as Olivia still wakes me up at least once per night.  The night-time potty issues are not resolved…

Oh, and PLEASE don’t mention to Christian that I’m hiding “stuff” in his applesauce.  He hasn’t caught on yet and the moment he does, supplement taking is doomed!  😦