As we take “two steps forward” there always seems to be a step back.  The biggest step back at home has been the morning jammie battle.  Christian has been happily wearing his one-piece zippered (feetless) Buzz Lightyear jammies to bed almost every night.  He loves them.  (And looks SO cute in them.)  They are the only kind of jammie that he will wear.  (Sigh.)  But at least he is willing to wear them. 

The problem comes in the morning when he needs to get dressed for school.  He wants to stay in his jammies.  (I can’t blame him too much.  I’d rather spend all day in my jammies, too, if possible.  😉 )  Here comes the battle — hitting and kicking and taking one arm/leg out as I put the other one in.  If I do manage to get him dressed and the bus isn’t immediately here, he will go off to another room and strip down to his underwear and “hide” his clothes.  This process is SO completely frustrating! 

I would almost just prefer to have him sleep in his clothes.  On the nights when he has slept in clean clothes, we skip this whole morning battle because he doesn’t have to change.  Just add the socks, shoes, hat, and coat.  This is not a big deal. 

I’m sure we’ll figure this out in time.  But for now, I’m just tired of wrestling a surprisingly strong 5-year-old every morning…