I stood back and just watched my children the other day and really thought about their relationship.

Christian is the big brother.  He has taught Olivia the importance of not messing up a spelling.  Because of him, she has learned her letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.  She has learned that showers aren’t so bad (actually kind of fun!).  He has taught her how to successfully use the remotes.  (Sigh.)  He has taught her how to “happy scream,” climb, and run & crash into things.  🙂  And she just LOVES him.

Even though, age-wise, Christian is the “big” sibling, sometimes Olivia shoulders that roll.  She takes his hand and leads him when he wiggles away from everyone else.  She tells him to “Get Down!” when he is climbing something that she knows he shouldn’t.  She shows him how to do new therapy activities when he is too scared to try.  She can usually tell me what he is saying even when I can’t understand.  She makes him “use his words” even when he doesn’t want to.  She models how to use toys “appropriately” and takes the time to show him how.  She is his therapist.  His advocate.  His friend.  His family.  His sister.

I will remember the simplest words that she spoke to me at the end of a very long and loud day when she was just 2-years-old…  The two of us were sitting together on the couch as Christian was running laps and screaming through the living room of our small apartment.  I leaned over and said to her, “Boy, Christian sure is loud today, isn’t he?”  Without skipping a beat, she replied, “No Mama.  He just happy.”  That’s right, baby.  He IS happy.  🙂