That’s right.  I am considering a padlock for the refrigerator.  Sigh.

Christian’s new found ability to open the child locks is starting to frustrate me.  He enjoys standing in the frig with the door open turning the light on and off, on and off, and after a few minutes runs away leaving the door standing wide open.  But that’s not the worst of it, I could actually live with that!  His new thrill is going into the frig and either turning it totally off or turning it to the coldest setting.  Last week, we had frozen eggs in the frig.  Last night our freezer was on its way to being thawed out.  Ack! 

I’m not talking an occasional incidence, either.  More like an obsession.  One where I should probably set a timer for every 1/2-hour while Christian is awake and home to make sure that the frig is at the proper setting.  This would be why I am strongly considering a padlock.  Besides, I hear that can be a good form of diet.  😉

Just for reference, Christian has been in the refrigerator twice while I typed this post.  Sigh…