After Christian started feeling better from his illness, I started feeling worse.  Welcome chills, stomach pains, and the start of a horrible migraine.  After realizing this was more than a headache that would just go away on its own, I took a substantial dose of ibuprofen — usually that does the trick.  But not this time.  Actually my headache only got worse and was irritated by noise and light.  (Yes, and as Christian got better he only got louder — not good for the mama!)  I forced myself to make and eat supper although it was awfully hard to manage both and the kids.  After dinner, Brian watched the kids as I took the best shower ever.  No need to listen for little people fighting, or running the water, or needing to be wiped, or missing an important animal, etc.  Just the sound of the warm water and really not a single thought in my head.  It was glorious.  I managed to find my pain relieving spray (from when I “threw my back out” a few years ago) and sprayed down my shoulders and neck.  Fabulous.  I dug out my peppermint oil and dabbed some on my wrists and behind my ears.  Lovely.  Within the hour, the majority of my headache had vanished.  What relief!  I took the rest of the evening fairly easy and thankfully woke in the morning fatigued but fine.  (Insert sigh of relief here. 😉  )

I picked Christian up from school on Friday only to find out that he has not been doing so great in the “regular ed” Kindergarten room lately.  Doesn’t want to go and will only “behave” if seated on a teacher’s lap.  I guess he has also remembered that the music class room is in that end of the school and would rather go there instead.  (My boy sure does love to sing and dance!)  So, I guess that has been a wrestling match the last two weeks along with his obsession with needing “his words” on the classroom computer.  (Words like — Nick Jr., Paramount DVD, A Viacom Company, Warner Bros Pictures, etc. (yes, he does know how to read and type these all on his own)) They are hoping to rid him of this obsession by letting him type these words on the computer when he first gets to school tomorrow and then printing them off and taping it to the computer screen.  That way his words are always there and (theoretically) shouldn’t need to be retyped throughout the day.

Ah, I also found out on Friday afternoon that there may be a “loop-hole” that would allow Christian to continue to receive therapy services before the end of the school day (at least while he is in Kindergarten).  Great.  Also, we could keep our “regular” therapy schedule until that is a for-sure-thing either way.  Which would be great, but we had already informed his school of the change in his schedule and the therapists are all lined up to start with the new schedule this week, so Brian and I decided to start the new schedule on Monday anyway.  I guess, if Christian does fit the loop-hole, we could always switch it back to the earlier times.  I’m just ready for this to be figured out one way or another…

And Olivia has a new “greeting” for me every morning for the last couple of weeks — first she just screams for me until I at least acknowledge her being awake (this happens during the night, too).  When I arrive at her room, I am greeting with the “Mommy, I pee.  On my bed.  See?  Right here.  A lot.  Change me!”  Sigh.  Every day.  I am trying to remember that she has only been potty-trained since May, so this is very common.  I just wish it wasn’t every night (or a couple of times a night).  But, I am also thankful that we aren’t spending our money on pull-ups anymore.  This, too, shall pass, right???