The “Mama Bear” has made a compromise.

After spending hours trying to figure out a way around keeping Christian in school full-day and then having therapy late into the night, Brian and I have reached a compromise with everyone involved.  Because of by-laws written in the state’s “intensive in-home therapy bible,” Christian’s therapy canNOT start before the end of the school day (i.e. 3pm).  Apparently this is a total inflexible rule, no way around it (unless your kid is being violent at school and the district mandates that the child cannot be at school more than a set amount of hours during the day — which the “evil thought” of hopping Christian up on gluten & casein for a few days in which he becomes totally violent and crazy occurred to me, but that would not be fair to Christian as it would take him a couple of months to re-detox from that junk).  Our senior therapist, AT, and I have talked to just about everyone we can talk to and everyone is “blaming” everyone else’s department for this rule (so who actually wrote it??)  We could push this a bit more, however, we have all decided that at this point in time it is not worth it as there will most likely be bigger “fish to fry” in Christian’s school career future.  Sigh.

So, the compromise — Therapy will not start until 3pm, which is the “official” end to the of the elementary school day.  However, Christian’s teacher, principal, & myself have already decided that Christian would get “early release” this year.  The plan is for me to pick Christian up everyday at 2pm.  We will then not have to race across town to get home, Christian will have time to unwind and have a snack (and arrange his letter blocks the way he needs to) before therapy starts at 3.  Most nights Christian will have therapy until 7pm then.  Our hope is that with the short break off between school and therapy, he will be able to go until 7, instead of starting to lose that ability around 6 (as what happens currently). 

We have a couple more weeks until this takes effect as therapists’ schedule need to be modified, but thankfully it looks like all of our therapists will be able to stay on our team.  🙂  I HUGE relief for me! 

I’m praying this will now all be able to happen as currently planned…