I could really use a sub today.  You know, a substitute.  I woke up this morning feeling VERY feverish, head pounding, eyes feeling as though they will pop right out of their sockets, sinuses a step away from bursting through my cheeks…  I believe there may be a sinus infection brewing in my body.  I just want to curl up and go into hiding.  Henceforth, the NEED for a sub as today has proven busy already and it’s only 7:15A.M.  Sigh.

The grocery shopping, household supply pick-up, bank run, health food store visit all is on the agenda for the day.  There are a couple of pots that should be scrubbed, a floor that NEEDS sweeping, and laundry that should find its way to, at least, the right rooms.  A toddler/preschooler who needs to be entertained and her questions constantly answered.  Burgers that need to be cooked.  Noses and bottoms that need to be wiped.  Additional cleaning/laundry washing appreciated, but not necessary.  A kindergartener that needs to be picked up from his school and transported home, fed and entertained/supervised until therapist arrives.  Supervision of therapy session and assistance in session as necessary.  At least 2 separate dinners prepared, one to be gluten/casein/egg free…

Alright, wishful thinking.  I’m off to attempt to close my eyes for a 1/2-hour before I can call the doctor’s office and get started on the rest of my day.

Happy news — Christian got on the bus with NO TEARS! this morning!  Mentally doing cartwheels right now!  🙂