Short version — the day was really good.  Long version — read on…

I woke at 5:30 (to an alarm — crazy!!) to have a chance to read, get dressed, and have a cup of coffee before the kids were up.  It was lovely to just have a little slice of peace before the chaos!  😉  I turned on Christian’s wake-up music at 6am.  (A combination of High School Musical 2 & 3, the Doodlebops, Choo Choo Soul, Crazy Frog, Baha Men, and the Imagination Movers.  It’s great get up and get moving music.  🙂 )  By ten after, he was up AND DANCING around in his room!  Of course, I had to join him!  He is the CUTEST dancer EVER!!!  (I’m serious!  I will try to get some video to prove it!)  By 6:30 Olivia was up, too, and had joined the dance party in Christian’s room.  What a great way to start the day!  🙂  The choreographer in Christian, though, got a bit upset with me when we got to the “I Don’t Dance” song (from HSM2) and I wasn’t doing the dance moves correctly.  Apparently, that will be my homework while he is at school this week!  (OK, and how ironic is it that they are dancing during a song about not being able to dance?  Anyone???)  I was able to work in the beloved cheeseburger in between the dance moves and Christian was fed, dressed, and toileted by 6:45!  Yay us!!! 

Getting on the bus — now that was NOT a happy adventure.  He saw the bus and dropped to the floor.  Grabbed all of the door frames between the living room and the carseat in the bus and held on like his life depended on it.  And then came the lip quiver and crocodile tears.  Now THAT breaks my heart EVERY time.  It is the saddest face you’ve EVER seen.  It is hard for me not to cry when he pulls that out and he only pulls it out when he really IS sad.  My heart wanted to open up and just hold him until he calmed down, but instead I had to try and talk him through it as I wrestled him into the carseat.  I tried to console myself with the knowledge that when he cried like this last school year, I was told he always calmed down by the time they crossed the railroad tracks (about a 1/4-mile from our house).  As Olivia and I waved “bye-bye” to him, I waved good-bye to part of my heart that was on the bus with Christian.

After I knew that he was at school, Olivia and I headed out to a nearby county woods.  We had a lovely walk.  It was gorgeous and QUIET and peaceful.  Exactly what I needed.  Then we stopped by the convenience store for a bunch of bananas (we were out and Christian’s taking them in his lunch) and Olivia talked me into a beverage as she was thirsty from our 45-minute hike.  She made herself busy coloring when we got home, so I busied myself with the dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor.  Ah, I felt much better about the house.  🙂

Olivia settled into a nap with Brian after lunch.  (Yay for a walk that tired her out!!!)  So, I had time to just chill and play a game on the computer.  (Latte Land, anyone?  It is TOO much fun!)  Before I knew it, I had to head out to pick up Christian from school. 

Christian was busy typing on the computer when I got to his classroom.  He had a GREAT day at school.  Even went to the bathroom for them.  (This was a concern of ours, so YAY!!!)  I guess he must have been tired from his early wake-up call, and had fallen asleep in his sensory break area after lunch.  They woke him after 45-minutes.  (My request to let him sleep some as he is not one to nap unless he needs it and he still had 4-1/2 hours of therapy after school.)  So, yay, great first day!!!  My worries, again, were proven useless.

We rushed back home to start therapy (and visit with my bro who happened to be in town on business yesterday).  Christian jumped right into therapy.  He was working with one of his senior therapist, AT, and a therapist in training, CZ.  Busy times, but Christian did great.  (I think that nap did him a world of good!)  Then AT left and AB came while CZ continued training and our other senior therapist, AZ, came to do paperwork and file for approval to work on community outings.  (Like going to the grocery store without running away.  Wouldn’t that be great?!?)  Christian was still going strong at 6:30.  Wow! 

So, all the therapist left and our family was able to have dinner.  Christian then played in the basement (to just unwind, I think, and be by himself), while Olivia reminded Brian of his promise to take her outside after supper if she took a good nap during the day.  I was able to veg as my mind wasn’t functioning very well anymore.  (Perhaps I should nap with Brian and Olivia, too.)

We attempted to get Christian into bed around 8:30, but he wasn’t ready.  He couldn’t sleep.  Once Olivia was sleeping in her bed, he came out and snuggled with me on the couch and finally fell asleep around 10:15.  LONG day for my little man!  He complained a bit when I moved him to his bed around 10:30, but then rolled over and went right back to sleep.  🙂

I decided to move his wake-up time back a little bit this morning since we were ready SO early yesterday.  We still got out the door on time.  He was all tears and lip quivers this morning.  ALL morning.  From the moment he came out of his room this morning.  Oh, my heart aches for him!  Is he not feeling good?  Just sad?  Not liking this new routine?  I wish I knew.  But, for now I’m praying that his day goes just as well as yesterday did…