School starts tomorrow!  Whoa!  Is Christian ready?  Am I ready?  How did we get to kindergarten so quickly???  Absolutely crazy! 

I am nervous.  Not so much about school.  (Although I wonder if I passed enough information on to his staff about things they should know — like he hates people singing the alphabet song, he uses the word “scary” when he doesn’t like something or someplace, if he starts to strip that means he needs to poo, etc.)  Right now I fear the early morning arrival of the bus.  7:10am.  I am trying to get my part prepared tonight — like clothing, shoes, backpack, as much lunch/snack as possible, etc.  While I feel that I have as much ready as I can, I’m still feeling the nerves racing.  I have to get up.  Then get him up, and fed, and toileted, and dressed.  Then there is the new bus driver and route and seat harness.  So, I’m just really curious to see how it will go.  Doing my best not to worry, but to also be prepared for whatever may happen.

And then I pick Christian up at 1:30 and hurry to get back here by 2pm, when therapy starts.  Oh, and we are training with a new therapist, too.  A guy this time.  He started today.  Christian seems to like him as he apparently climbed all over therapy-guy.  (That is a sign that Christian accepts you!)  Lots of people in the house then until 6:30, when we can eat supper and settle into our evening routine (and Christian can just chillax!).  (And I’m trying to remember to breathe!!!)

With Christian at school, I’m hoping to tackle some projects (i.e. messes) that I’ve been hoping to get to for awhile but just haven’t been able to accomplish.  I think Olivia will let me work on these if I do them in small doses.  I’ve also signed her up for story time at the library.  Tomorrow, though, we are going for a walk in the woods.  I promised, so I better make it happen.  🙂  My other hope is to keep the house a little bit cleaner and picked-up.  I’m not talking perfect (as we DO have kids in the house), but just vacuumed and dusted and mopped a little more often than what is currently happening.  We’ll see if I can carry through on that, but I am REALLY hoping to!

Stay tuned for how tomorrow actually goes!  😉