Christian’s bus schedule arrived in the mail yesterday.  Yikes.  His pick-up time was what I was predicting, but I was really hoping that I would be wrong.  Because this will be so drastically different than how and when he is waking up now, I have decided to start the bedtime schedule today and the wake-up schedule tomorrow.  I’m hoping that all of the “bugs” will be out by the time school starts on the 1st.  The new schedule will now look like…

  • (Brian will wake me before he leaves for the farm.  I have hardly used an alarm clock since Christian was born — he (or Olivia) was my personal wake-up call every morning.)
  • 6:00 — wake-up starts (I’m thinking HSM2 CD to help aid the early wake-up) — go potty, eat cheeseburger, get dressed, etc.
  • 7:15 — get on bus
  • 8:15 — arrive at school
  • 8:20-1:30 — school
  • 1:30 — pick-up by Mom because of requested shorter day due to therapy
  • 2 – 6pm  — therapy (2 people, one from 2-4; the other from 4-6)
  • 6:00 — supper
  • time to be a kid and hang with the family
  • 8:00 — start bedtime routine
  • 8:30 — lights out

Wow!  Just typing that out made it sound SO crazy in my head.  He is going to be one VERY busy boy.  I hope that all of this is worth it and that it isn’t TOO much.  I’d hate to watch my 5-year-old burn out…