The day finally arrived yesterday when our doorknob covers consistently failed.  (I was hoping we’d have a bit more time, but I guess I should just be surprised that we lasted this long.)  Besides keeping Christian (and Olivia) out of closets and rooms that we didn’t want him in, it also was keeping him in the house.  He can work a deadbolt, so the doorknob cover was our last line of defense. 

Thankfully, Brian jumped into action and over his lunch hour yesterday installed a double-keyed deadbolt on the front door.  You now need a key to get IN and OUT of that door.  Brian also installed a keyed lock from the house into the laundry room (which you pass through to get to the garage).  While it is super inconvenient for me to need to remember to have my keys on me to do the laundry, I’m sure I will eventually acclimate to having them and for now I’m just relieved that Christian can’t break into the garage and therefore the car and find the garage door opener, open the door, and have a lovely run down the middle of the road.  (Yes, this has happened in the past.) 

So, now a key is necessary to leave the house  through any of our doors.  My guess is that our windows may need to be the next thing secured.  Sigh…