The days have been slipping by lately.  Which is good, right?  That means that I’m keeping myself busy.

On Friday, we had stopped in at our local model airplane show to grab lunch and watch the planes.  (Free lunch — the best kind!)  Olivia had a blast watching the planes in the air, especially since we can hear them from our house.  Christian not so much.   I think we probably lasted about 1/2 hour before he had enough and we needed to leave (but we also had to get back for therapy, too).

a few of the planes we saw

a few of the planes we saw

Saturday was WI State Fair and Brian’s big mooing debut.  While he moo-ed well, he didn’t win — a returning champion did that.  We ate some awesome free cream puffs, though — YUM!  Olivia made a free bracelet (and I made one for Christian as he wasn’t about to get out of the wagon).  Saw Grandma & Grandpa V.  But it was incredibly HOT, so I was on the verge of heat exhaustion (ick!) and the kids we sweating just sitting in the canopy-covered wagon.  Good thing we couldn’t stay long because of the milking schedule, but we had a fun time anyway.  101_1169

Yesterday, a friend of mine and her family stopped through while they were visiting from California.  It was lovely to see her as we haven’t seen each other in probably 10+ years (or so).  Also forced me to pick-up the house, which is excellent because the house REALLY needed it.  So we had a very nice visit and IF we ever make it to CA, we will have to be sure to stop in for a visit as well.  🙂