Today has been a challenge.  Thankfully, I am still running on a little of the euphoria from my extraordinary day yesterday.  🙂 

And Christian asked for cheeseburgers for brunch (and ate two).  For “lupper” he also asked for them again, and ate two more.  No, these didn’t need to go into the saved McDonalds plastic containers — just on a regular plate.  Wow!  In Christian’s own word — “Excellent!”  🙂

Our first “safety lock” has been figured out.  Christian is now able to access the refrigerator whenever he wants.  Unfortunately, his favorite thing to do is play with the light and stand in the frig (saying “Dat so beautiful!”).  Sigh.  I knew it was only a matter of time, but I was hoping I’d have a little more time.  😉  I now wonder which other lock will be next!

My other concern is that Christian is napping now — 5pm.  He just fell asleep.  (I was actually hoping Olivia would be the one to take a nap!)  I’m guessing this could make for a very late night or a very early morning.  Either way I better have the coffee flowing tomorrow!!  🙂