It was only a week ago when I wrote about the current High School Musical 2 obsession.  I thought this would be a pretty strong obsession — one not to be easily replaced.  I guess I was wrong.  The new movie obsession is Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Blossom Festival.  (At least Christian insists on watching this in the basement.)  In Christian’s perfect world, Strawberry Shortcake would be playing on the TV in the basement and HSM2 would be playing on the living room TV and he would just run back and forth between the two watching the “best parts” of both.  What a silly guy! 🙂

Then there is the window obsession — besides climbing and dancing on the window sills — he also hates it when the windows are open in the living room/kitchen area.   He seems to notice either when the crickets are loud or a vehicle drives by and immediately runs around the room shutting the windows as fast as possible.  As soon as he leaves the room, I tend to open them back up (as we get a nice cross-breeze blowing through the house).  He always sighs when he notices that they are open again and has to re-close them all.  And I sigh, too, as he does just that.

And the water obsession continues — blocking up the sink and running it until it is within millimeters of overflowing (so far I have always found him by then).  Little People swimming lessons in the toilet (thankfully without the flushing part this year).  Giving himself a shower anytime possible (and staying in for at least a half-hour).  The bathroom either has to remain closed or closely monitered.  Which makes for some misses in the toileting department (when we can’t get the door open fast enough.)  I am glad, though, on nice days, he is content with a 5-gallon bucket of water that he can soak his fingers and Little People in.  101_1726