• The burger trickery is still working!  We have tried to remain on an every-other-day burger basis as he had maybe been eating burgers once every couple of weeks.  Jumping back into burgers too quickly after not eating many in so long seems to have negative consequences, too.  But I am pleased that the McDonalds deception is still a go!  🙂
  • I got a letter a couple weeks ago that the insurance company has desided that they will not cover my leg procedure.  Bummer.  They would like me to go on pain medication first.  Sigh.  I understand them wanting the surgery as a last resort, but really the meds will only mask the pain in my leg and not actually fix the problem.  Why not fix the problem up front and skip this whole hoop-jumping-charade???  In the end, it would save everyone time and money and we could all get on with our lives.  Yes, yes, another lesson in patience…
  • I am TOTALLY getting fed up with the flies in our house!!!  They are landing on me as I type this and I’m starting to go batty!  We tried a fly strip, which wasn’t working overly well, but did catch a curious little boy.  😉  I have been averaging ten kills a day with the ol’ fashion fly swatters and had most of them under control.  This morning the door between the house and the garage was left open for a few minutes and the flies are back with a vengeance!  They are worse than the ones we had in the house before — this batch apparently enjoys my ears as they keep trying to land IN them!  Yuck.  The swatter is on my lap, ready to go.  Flies beware!  I am your worst enemy!!!
  • Brian will be mooing at the State Fair on Saturday.  It will be kind of a crazy day as Brian will be milking both morning and evening shifts that day.  (On the weekends, he usually only milks in the mornings.)  So, we’ll have to buzz down after the morning milking to make the contest and then buzz back afterwards so he can milk again.  But for a chance at $1000 and a year’s supply of Cousin’s Subs, it’s worth it.  Besides we have free tickets for the fair and free tickets for cream puffs and Cousin’s is donating $20 to the H4 groups for each mooer there, so it’s all for a good cause even if he doesn’t moo out a win.  🙂