Christian has been on a “Burger Strike” now for almost two months!  (A burger strike is when he refuses to eat burgers unless they come from McDonalds or Burger King.)  Today I am hoping to change that!

Yesterday, I stopped and got McDonalds for the kids on the way home from Olivia’s dentist appointment.  I got Christian his usual — three plain hamburger patties.  (To which Christian commented — “That’s so beautiful!”)  Most McDonalds will serve the patties in their plastic side salad containers.  I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but finally remembered to SAVE the plastic containers. 

The plan is to make burger patties (as paper thin as possible — you know the McDonalds way), put them in the containers, put on the ketchup and mustard (and tiny chopped onions), put them in the paper McDonalds bag, carry it in from the garage (or at least that end of the house), and serve it with the black plastic McDonalds-wear. 

Now, Christian is a very smart guy and may see through all of this careful and cunning preparation.  Right now I’m willing to try just about anything to get a little more protein into his skinny body!  I’m praying it works (even if just for a couple of days).