Christian has a new obsession — movie related — High School Musical!  I don’t think that it matters which one.  I had scoured the library hoping to borrow a copy for the week, but with it being summer vacation all of the copies are checked out and have multiple holds.  One of Christian’s therapist had borrowed HSM2 from the library in the city she lives in and brought it last Friday.  Christian was more than excited!  She left it for him over the weekend and he(we) watched it (at least) once per day.  (At least it’s a cute, clean movie.)  Christian loves all of the singing and dancing.  Yesterday morning he was even walking around the house chanting — “Summer, summer, summer, summer…”  (If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand.  😉  )  So, I let him watch it again since AB was coming yesterday afternoon and needed to take it back.  Yeah, Christian wasn’t thrilled about AB taking HSM!  He asked for HSM2 over and over again after she left, even spelling it in his letter blocks in case I didn’t understand what he was asking for, and was so upset that he went in his room and took a nap.  (That may not sound so bad, but he was up past midnight then.)  Asked for it again last night and this morning over and over.  Still mad that he can’t watch it, although now he has resigned himself to “Bolt” again.  I can’t wait until the Disney Channel plays the movies (sometime) this month.  We are keeping our ears open, hoping that Grandma will be able to DVD them off TV for us.  I’m sure that would make her Christian’s hero (and mine, too)!  🙂  (Although I still have the songs (and dance routines) running through my head — “All for one…”)