One of the biggest controversies swirling around autism is whether or not vaccinations can cause autism.  The majority of the medical community is screaming, “NO!”, while there is story after story from parents who have watched their child “slip away” after having their CDC-recommended shots.  So the question remains, am I for or against vaccines?  Let me let you what I think…

I am a mother of a child with autism.  A child who went through regression.   Regression after a cocktail of vaccinations.  Did these vaccinations cause my son’s autism?  Probably some, but not completely.  I think they were the final straw that pushed him over the edge into his autism.  He had been pretty severely sick before he had his 15-month shots and was just starting to get better.  He had just been on a 10-day round of antibiotics that wiped his body out.  He also seems to have inherited a compromised immune system from me (that we didn’t know about because that is not a common thing checked for in infants/toddlers).  All of these factors together with the vaccinations, I think, did him in. 

We found out about his compromised immune system when our daughter was 4-months old.  Our new pediatrician had her checked, too.  We found out that her immune system was also compromised — her vaccinations were halted immediately.  (It is likely that if I were to have any more children that they would also have compromised immune systems making them more susceptible to having negative reactions to immunizations.)

However, I’m still a believer of the benefit of immunizations.  My children are currently caught up to the recommended vaccinations.  But we don’t follow the CDC-recommended schedule.  We do it slow and spread out.  Olivia didn’t start receiving her remaining vaccinations until after she turned two and then we still never did more than 2 immunizations at a time (and also had the MMR vaccination broken down into its three separate components).  Christian has all of his pre-kindergarten immunizations, but again these were spread out over a year’s time and also had the MMR-shot broken down.  We experienced no ill-effects this time.  We do NOT get the flu-vaccine.  Every time Christian has received that particular shot (or nasal-spray) he has gotten extremely sick — it is not worth it.  He did not have that vaccine this past winter and he was the healthiest he’s ever been through that season!  (Olivia, too.)

So, I guess, that I’m not for or against vaccinations, but I think that parents need to be informed and make the best decision that they can.  Knowing what I know about my kids — we will always divide the MMR-shot into its three separate components; we will never have more than two immunizations given at a time; we will not have vaccinations administered if the children have been recently ill; if we were to have any more children, I would wait with the immunizations until after the 2-year birthday.  But that’s just me speaking from MY experience.