My biggest thing lately is being prepared for any and all possible situations with Christian.  He is an escape artist.  He LOVES to run.  He LOVES to wander.  He has NO fear of moving vehicles.  He has NO fear of water (but cannot yet swim by himself). 

While our home is yet “Christian-proof,” one of these days he’s going to figure it out.  We have a few more tricks up our sleeves (when we need them), but being the extraordinary problem solver that he is, I don’t think that those will foil him for long. 

Currently he usually wears a tag on his overalls that has his name, his diagnosis, my cell number, and grandma (down the road)’s number just in case we get separated and someone finds him.  We have yet to utilize the tag, but it gives me a little bit of relief to know that we have it.

We have a new concern now, too.  Our neighbor — the ocean of corn…101_1621

Right now the corn comes up to my shoulder in many places.  If Christian were to run out there, how would we begin to find him?!?  Scary!  It makes me a little nervous just to think about it.

We have starting to think about needing to look into better safety options for Christian — possibly a service dog or a monitoring system.  Both options have huge pros and cons.  With the service dog, we could feel better about Christian not wandering off (and if he did the dog could go into “search and rescue mode”) and I think that Christian would bond GREAT with a dog.  However, it would be a TON of fund-raising (the dogs cost about $15,000) and then the expense of having a dog (food, vet care, supplies) on our already very tight budget, and just pet-maintenance that we haven’t had before, and the concern of whether the school district would be open to a service dog for Christian at school.  Then there’s the monitoring system, which we would be able to track him down if he escaped through the help of the local authorities and the system works in all types of terrain, is fairly inexpensive, and gets checked and changed monthly.  However, the monitoring system will not hinder Christian from running in the street or cornfield or pond, and he could not bond with a monitor. 

I don’t know that we are ready to act immediately on either of these two options, but it is definitely something on my mind…