We ventured to the county fair this afternoon to walk around a bit and look at the animals.  We went through a petting zoo area where Olivia totally freaked out because of the larger goats, water buffaloes, etc.  Christian seemed somewhat interested in the animals, but was happily riding in the wagon.  We watched a pig race, walked through an exhibit hall, shared a cream puff (well, Brian & I did), and watched the duck races.  We walked by a booth that looked like they were blowing up balloons, thinking that maybe we could get one for the kids.  It wasn’t a balloon booth, though, they were setting up for a mooing contest — sponsored by Cousin’s subs.  They were giving away prizes if you mooed and for each moo Cousin’s was donating a $1 to the local 4-H groups.  Cool.  We signed up Brian and the kids.  (I didn’t sign up today as I couldn’t say two words without coughing.  Mooing just wasn’t going to work out!)  Christian got a moo out in the microphone.  Awesome following directions!!  Olivia got a little baby moo out — too cute.  Brian, well, growing up on a dairy farm and all, got out a nice big professional moo.  They asked him to do it again and was awarded the “Golden Cow Bell” entering him as a finalist at the State Fair next month with a chance to win $1000 and a year supply of Cousin’s subs!  Woohoo!  You go, Honey!!!  🙂