The windshield needed more help than what could be provided by us.  Brian contacted the insurance company to make a claim.  They called me back this morning to ask a few more questions.  They told me that it will (most likely) not be covered because nothing hit the windshield and there was no accident.  (I was not quick enough to come up with a story about how a semi drove too close to me and caught the windshield stripping and it ripped out causing the windshield to separate from the frame…  My conscious wouldn’t have allowed it either…)  Not wanting to wait until Monday to have the car looked at and then be told that they wouldn’t cover it anyway, we looked into getting it fixed ourselves.  So, “the guys with the little red truck” (actually in a big red van) came out and looked at the windshield.  They said that we were lucky it hadn’t popped out as the only thing really holding it in anymore were the wiper blades!  (I am saying my prayers on thanks today!!!)  Yikes!  Once they had the windshield off they also said it looked faulty.  Sigh.  Meaning the best thing to do was to replace the WHOLE thing.  Unfortunately, when the windshield was replaced once before in FL it wasn’t good and since that company doesn’t have branches up here, we would have to pay to replace it.  Fine.  Replace it.  I need to be able to feel safe when I’m driving the kids around (especially on the highway).  So, an hour and a couple hundred dollars later, the new windshield is on and ready to roll.  We also have this company’s guarantee now that if anything goes wrong they will fix it, so that should give us some assurance.  Just glad to have it taken care of!  Now on to the other adventures of today…  😉