So, on my way to my leg ultrasound today, I had a bit of a scare.  Well, more than a bit.  More like almost peeing-my-pants kind of scare.  I was driving along with the window open doing about 55mph on the highway when my windshield started started pulling away from the frame of the car!  Panic!!  I was trying to think and stay on the road all at the same time.  It finally dawned on me that the best thing to do was to roll up the window to cut down on the air disturbances that were occurring (that’s right, physics).  I managed to keep it together and pulled into the next gas station (thankful that the strong wind was behind me).  Nothing that I could fix and I still really wanted to get to my appointment and I didn’t think there was anything that Brian could do to fix it immediately, so I got back on the highway and drove very carefully (probably peeving everyone who was behind me).  It sounded horrible on the way home as the wind was blowing against the windshield, but I made it (with a few more scares) and am hoping that Brian will be able to fix the problem tonight!  Sigh.

Rhemashope do you have any of that spiked cotton candy left?  😉