Most people assume that because my husband and I went to the same college and graduated the same year that we were college sweethearts.  Not true.  I knew who Brian was.  He knew who I was.  We had some of the same friends.  But we were even less than acquaintances at the time.

We didn’t really “meet” until two years after college.  At a mutual friend’s wedding reception.  I wasn’t even sure that I was going to attend that event as I had been at the actual wedding the week before out of state.  I was down a contact as one of them had torn.  I had recently moved from another state a couple weeks before and had unpacking yet to do.  I was preparing to start a new school year at a different school with ages that I hadn’t taught before.  I was tired.  I was contemplating staying home, but a couple hours before a friend of mine called and asked if I would caravan with him down to the reception.  OK, fine.  That allowed me to procrastinate a little longer.  (And I am Queen of Procrastination!) 

So, we get there, have dinner, visit with people who hadn’t been able to be at the wedding the week before, start dancing, get myself a glass of beer, and I noticed this guy that I went to school with talking to some of my friends.  Like I said before, I knew who he was.  Always thought that he was cute, but never actually talked to him before.  However, something told me that I needed to talk to him that night!

I made my way over to the group of people.  Chatted with a few friends while trying to see if he had a ring on his finger.  No ring.  Good.  So, I worked my way over in conversation.  Finally, I got the nerve to ask him where he was located now and what he was up to.  And there was just a click.  Not a spark, but a click.  We started talking and I didn’t want to stop.  (I had even “sworn off” boys the week before as I had decided to focus on my teaching (and hobbies) for a year.  Boy, did God have other plans!!!)  Eventually, he even blatantly checked my hand for a ring.  None there.  We discovered that we were both very single.  Danced for the rest of the night — until he needed to leave as he was supposed to be going on vacation that night with his roommate.  And we parted ways, without any sort of exchange of information.  With a “It was good to have seen you.”  “If you’re ever in the area…”  Um, yeah.  I was kicking myself as soon as he walked out the door! 

I knew that I had to see that guy again.  But he was on vacation.  I didn’t have his number.  I could wait until teachers’ conference in October, but I didn’t think that I could wait that long to know if he would see me again.  To see if he had experienced the same “click” that I had.  So, two weeks later, I found his number, got up the nerve, and called him.  He answered the phone.  I hung up.  (I wasn’t that brave!)  Five minutes later I regrouped and tried again.  He answered.  I fought the urge to hang up again, but instead told him who I was, to which he answered, “Who???”  Click.  OK, I didn’t hang up, but the thought had crossed my mind, especially when he didn’t know who I was!!  Instead, I explained, and he remembered, and we talked for over two hours finally agreeing that we would meet the following week for a round of mini-golf (which also turned into dinner, a walk around Fleet Farm, and a movie).

The rest, you could say, is history.

He was the one.  I didn’t have to pretend to be something that I wasn’t.  He was everything that I was looking for without exception.

We were engaged the night before Thanksgiving.  Married exactly one year from the day I called him up on the phone.  It’s been almost 8 years now.  Thinking about all of this still gives me the goosebumps.  I love you, honey!  🙂