I was curious as to which “new foods” Christian would try next.  I didn’t have long to wait.

On Saturday, I left a piece of toast with a very thin layer of nut butter on it laying on the table.  A few minutes later I noticed that it had disappeared.  I found Christian in his room taking tiny nibbles out of the corners of the toast.  Yay!  🙂  He tried it.  And while he didn’t take any more than a couple of small bites, he did try it and didn’t spit it back out!  (At least I didn’t find any spit out anywhere…) 😉

Last night Brian had made burgers on the grill for supper.  Since Christian is still on a home “burger strike” (he will eat them at McDonald’s and Burger King), I decided to try something a little different with his burger.  So, I toasted some of his plain millet bread, found the yummiest looking burger of the bunch, got out some of his cheese, and put on some ketchup and mustard — a Christian cheeseburger.  He, at least, seemed a little more interested, but then started insisting on “Toast!”  Sigh.  I gave him the bottom piece of toast.  He happily ate that.  He continued to say “No!” to the burger, so I took the burger off and made him a cheese, ketchup, and mustard sandwich with the remaining ingredients of his cheeseburger.  Surprisingly (to me), he ate it.  Happily ate it.  Humming while he ate.  Yes, he was one happy boy.  And, well, even that was a BIG step for him, so I’m happy, too.  🙂