Christian and I left after his morning at school on Tuesday to go join Brian and Olivia (and Brian’s fam) up at the cabin.  (It was nice to have the opportunity to pack and pick-up while Christian was at school!  Between having no one else here and my handy-dandy lists, everything came together very quickly! 🙂 )  We had an uneventful trip (all thanks to Wall-E and Bolt; the “comfort book“; and McDonalds for a pit stop and burger snack) and it actually went faster than I expected (must have been all of the lovely off-key singing I was doing to my favorite tunes). 

Brian and Olivia came out to meet us when we got there.  Olivia seemed much more independent than when she had left.  (That’s OK with me.)  We unpacked and settled in to out new surroundings.  (Christian immediately found his letter blocks and went to work spelling his favorites…)


 We just got used to our surroundings that night, visited the playground at the cabins, and stopped by the local ice cream shop.  Yum!  (Yes, I managed to bring a container of Christian’s ice cream along this year.  We had NO luck finding any up there last year, even after I called ahead to confirm that someone carried it.  Christian enjoyed that treat!)

The next day we started with a visit to the Fireman’s Playground in town.  It’s new as of last spring and totally awesome!  After lunch we headed down to the lake for some swimming.  Both kids were able to swim on their own with the help of water wings and life-jacket type floatation devices.  They were having so much fun that I was even convinced to jump in the water after watching for awhile!


 Aren’t they cute swimming together?!?


 This is a picture of the lake from the cabin we were in…


 Grandpa took us for a boat ride later in the afternoon.  Christian was unsure about it until the boat was moving VERY fast!  (Yes, he is a natural born thrill-seeker!!)  As soon as we got back, Christian needed to be out of the boat immediately and then wanted (of course) to hop back in the water.  I made spaghetti and garlic bread for supper.  (So glad that I made the sauce ahead of time.)  Brian did the dishes after supper.  (Thanks honey!!)  The kids and I hung out in the cabin for the night while Brian went out fishing with his parents.  (Christian apparently had a great workout that day as he fell asleep snuggling with a bag of Lay’s potato chips!  🙂 )

I decided to try a local coffee shop in the morning for some yum-coffee.  (It was good, but a little pricey!)  Then Olivia and I headed down to the dock with her new Dora fishing pole to try our hand at fishing.  We were successful!  Olivia caught about six sunfish/bluegill and one perch (and a follow-up with a 8″ baby bass).  It was exciting to see her so excited!!  🙂



We ventured over to the next town (east) after lunch and walked through the downtown area.  It didn’t take us long as after being in the first store Christian really only wanted to stop by the doors of the rest of the shops and see what credit cards they accepted.  Once he knew that, he was ready to move on to the next! 😉  Olivia and Brian napped when we got back, Christian was busy watching Bolt and spelling while I kept an eye on him and finished reading my book.  (“A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs” that my friend, MR, had given me the week before.  Thanks!  It was a great (and easy) read!!! 🙂  Stories “Peanut Butter Toast”, “A Regular Guy”, and “A Tale of Two Brothers” were my favorites!)  Brian, Grandpa, and Uncle JJ took Olivia and cousin, JKJ, out fishing in the boat after supper.  They had fun fishing with their new poles and being in the boat.  While they were gone, my sister-in-law, JJ worked some acupuncture on my lower back and knees.  Lovely! 🙂  Christian was happily spelling, although was a little worried with the needles sticking out of my back.  Once the fishing crew got back, he decided to sneak out of the cabin.  I was sure that I heard him get out (mama intuition?), but everyone was pretty sure that he was downstairs.  Since I had needles in my body at the time, I couldn’t go check.  Uncle JJ found him down at the dock ready to jump in.  Thanks, Uncle JJ, for saving the day!  🙂  (And everyone was sure to close the doors with the doorknob covers on all of the time after that!)

We got ready to leave the next morning.  It was an enjoyable break.  (Less stressful in this cabin as it was harder for Christian to sneak out by himself!)  We had an uneventful trip back.  Christian was NOT overly happy to be home again.  It took awhile for him not to keep packing up his toys and putting them back in the car.  (He also figured out how to open the garage door and I found him out taking a walk down the middle of the road!  Sigh.  Now we know that we need to lock the car doors if Christian is spending any time in the garage by himself!)  The kids were happy to run in the backyard last night (after Brian was done mowing) and Olivia was so happy to see that she had new flowers opening. 


As nice as it was to be gone for awhile, it’s nice to be home and back in our rut  routine.  😉