There is a loaded question to ask a 3-year-old!  Apparently, my in-laws & Brian & Olivia stopped at a Fleet Farm on their way up Nort’.  While there Grandma H had asked Olivia if there was anything she needed.  Olivia in turn replied, “A Dora fishing pole!”  Of course.  Who doesn’t need a Dora fishing pole?!?  I guess Grandma got her one.  The very first night Olivia successfully caught six fish on the much needed pole.  🙂  Yep, that’s my Olivia!

And it sounds like she is doing really well — enjoying playing with the cousins, visiting the playground, going fishing, going swimming (all by myself (for the first time) with water wings!), having “slumber parties,” shopping at the Flea Market, etc.  She never talks to me long on the phone because she has too much to do.  I’m so glad that she’s having fun!  (We have never been apart for more than a few hours at a time.  And yes, I’m doing just fine, too. 😉  )