I was home all by myself this morning while Christian was at school.  While it would have been fun to do something just for me, I had too many things on my list of things to do that would be 1000 times easier if I did while Christian was at school, so I worked my bum off!  The biggest thing that I wanted to get accomplished was deodorizing the carpet in Christian’s room (and living room).  (There have been a few accidents and his room was starting to take on the smell of a urinal.  Eww!)   So I picked up his room, got the baking soda out, and left that on for a 1/2 hour while I busied myself making spaghetti sauce, doing the laundry, doing the dishes, finding and removing a mold-growing area rug in the basement, etc.  The morning went super fast, but I’m glad I worked like I did because Christian didn’t let me get much done after I picked him up at school (until his afternoon therapy started).  My list doesn’t have much on it anymore, which is nice because I won’t be able to get the rest done until after he goes to bed for the night.  (And our house smells SO much better!!!)  🙂