So, I did not get the leg ultrasound yesterday.  Brian was on the field making hay.  Brian’s family was all getting ready to go on vacation.  My parents are out-of-state.  I reschedule for a date when Brian will (most likely) not be on the field.  Brian’s family will be around.  My parents will be back in the state.  Christian even doesn’t have any therapy scheduled for that afternoon.  I should (hopefully) be able to make that appointment as my leg hasn’t been feeling super great all week.

Brian and Olivia are away from home tonight (and tomorrow night and the night after that).  It’s been pretty mellow and relatively quiet around here because of that.  Christian has been enjoying the undivided attention (which he just really doesn’t get anymore, but definitely needs)!  I’m hoping that one of the next two evenings Christian and I will be able to make it over to the county pool and enjoy the waterslides.  I’m sure that is where we will spend all of our time because he LOVES those.  Being on the waterslides with him is one of the few times that I have ever felt his body just completely relax.  Even in sleep, his body seems a bit tense.  So, I’m hoping that our excursion will work out! 

Now, I’m wondering how will Christian will sleep tonight (or if he’ll settle down anytime soon)!  Between Daddy (and Olivia) not being here and the neighbors’ fireworks it may be a little while tonight.  (I guess, as long as he would sleep through the night I will gladly put up with him being up for another hour (or two).  He was up by 4 this morning.)