My allergy season has kicked into full force as of last week.  I really need to walk around with a box of tissue as my nose literally drips for the first half of my day.  And this year, because of a medication that I am on, I canNOT take my usual over-the-counter allergy/sinus meds.  But I am going to have to do something.  I’m thinking that I will have to dig out the netti pot and faithfully use that a few times each day.  I’m also considering a remedy that requires taking a spoonful of locally farmed honey every morning, as ingesting the local pollen in the honey will help with dealing with the local allergens.  It’s worth a shot as I like honey and I know that the local farmer’s market has local honey at a VERY reasonable price.  I’m hoping that all will help or it will be a very long allergy season for me!