I am pooped.  Exhausted.  I feel like I could fall asleep while I stand here and type on the computer (and it’s only 9am)!  Another LONG day in store.  Last night, Christian actually slept through the night (with no accidents -yay!) and Olivia only woke twice, but I had a hard time falling asleep (hmm…perhaps too much caffeine yesterday???) and when I was sleeping I was having wild and vivid dreams.  The dreams were bizarre — people and places and events that shouldn’t go together were together and then strange things were happening beyond that.  It wasn’t restful sleep.  And the couple nights before were filled with only a few hours of fitful sleep — today it is biting me in the bum.  Unfortunately, I packed the time that Brian is home today with a trip to school to use their BoardMaker program, so no nap possibility there.  Perhaps another morning loaded with coffee, but needing to cut myself off at noon,  Maybe that would help.