Christian and I are in sync.  We are both just a little bit “off” lately.  Christian came home with an entry in his notebook today saying, “Christian had a tough day today — very oral, lots of hitting teachers, climbing on things, and running.”  Sigh.  I think that’s one of the hardest days that he has had at school this year.  But he has been “off” for a week or two now.  There has been lots changing in his life — very quickly.  JM, his OT, thinks that we need to go back on the therapeutic listening program again.  We see her tomorrow, so back to wrestling on headphones until he decides that’s “OK” again.  Sigh.  I have to say that I’m just feeling “off” today, too.  Just not quite myself.  Super tired.  Exhausted.  Headache.  Body aches.  Feel like doing absolutely nothing.  (However, that is NOT a possibility.)  I’m hoping that this funk is lifted tomorrow because it’s a drag…  (Hoping Christian’s “funk” lifts away, too!)