So, today was far from perfect, but it was much better than yesterday.  There was less fighting.  Less whining.  Less slapping.  Less toileting in places where it doesn’t belong.  Respite P was back from her vacation.  (Hurray! — providing kid-free grocery shopping for me!)  The sun was out.  The strawberry patch, flower garden, and 1/2 of the vegetable garden got weeded.  Christian did pee on the toilet a couple of times today for me.  All in all, it just even felt like a much better day!

Oh, and so funny this morning, Christian and I were battling over the need to wear clothes or go all-nude (for him, not me!).  As we struggled, it sounded like he said, “Archrival.”  So I asked, “Archrival?”  And he repeated with pointer-finger raised, “Archrival!”  (Which means that he is VERY serious and means it!)  I’m sorry.  Did my son just call me his “archrival” because I was going to make him wear clothes?!?  WAY TOO FUNNY!!!  🙂 

And Olivia has been “booching” today.  Yeah, huh???  You know “blowing raspberries” or giving “zerberts” (if you watched “The Cosby Show”).  Olivia calls them “booches.”  “Mama, I gonna booch you on the cheek, OK?”  “I booch Christian when he get home.”  “I booch Daddy.”  Booches to go around!!!  May everyone receive (or give) a booch today!  😉

Olivia is also convinced that she would like to get married.  (We went to a wedding about a month ago.)  She will be the princess.  She will marry a prince (of course).  (Lucky me — I get to be the horse.)  Today she decided that Christian will be the prince because she loves him “so much.”  (her words)  I can’t help but smile when I think of her saying that! 🙂