I knew that going into this week it was going to be crazy interesting and, well, busy.  Today definitely lived up to that!

Olivia woke by 5:45 this morning — not happily awake, but whiny and cranky.  Sigh.  NOTmy favorite way to start a LONG day!  We came and snuggled on the couch for awhile, but I was unable to talk her back into sleep.  And I had a hard time getting moving.  I was just kind of lost in a zoned-out state-of-mind.  I had a ton to get done, but was too mentally fatigued to figure out where to start until Christian got up.  When he gets up, I have to take him into the bathroom, so that jump-started the daily routine (like it or not).  Then onto our breakfast routine — Christian likes the same thing every morning and Olivia will demand one thing and then change her mind again and again and again.  (Kind of like the Olivia character by Ian Flaunker.  We didn’t know what we were getting into when we named her that!!!  j/k)  The kids were finally happily entertaining themselves, so I snuck off to the bathroom to shower.  I know I wasn’t in there long because I pretty much only got my hair taken care of, but I came out to find a naked boy streaking through the house.  You have got to be kidding me!!!  Sigh (again).  Can’t I take a shower without someone else getting naked?!?  I threw some clothes on and chased down my naked bandit only to find poo on his arms, legs, and bottom.  Sigh.  Ack!  Calgon take me away!  (Now!!!)  Seriously, why???  I carefully picked him up and let him shower off in our shower while I got some clean clothes out for him and grabbed his towel.  So he was clean and dry and dressed, but his room was covered in poo that had been squashed into the carpet.  I was thinking Christian had been the one who was the squasher until Olivia ran into the room with Buzz Lightyear.  Yeah, apparently Buzz was the one who danced in the poo and then continued to dance in other rooms in the house spreading the joy fun poo.  Sigh.  And then I stepped in a pee puddle.  Double sigh.  (By this point in time, I was hoping that I could start the day over again!)  After many unplanned minutes of cleaning, the misplaced toileting issues were taken care of — I packed a bag for Olivia and a snack for Christian, got socks and shoes on both, and finally wrestledfinagled both of them into their carseats.  So I ran away dropped Olivia off with Grandma and headed into town to visit Christian’s kindergarten classroom for next year.  I stopped for some liquid sanitycoffee on the way in.  (On days like this, I should get it for free.  (I’ll keep dreaming!))  Christian and I met his current teacher (she was along to help navigate the school and take pictures for a social story that she is making for Christian — I love her) and found the classroom.  Christian explored for awhile and must have felt comfortable there because eventually he took his socks and shoes off and ran barefoot in the room.  (He doesn’t do that unless he’s very comfortable, so, I guess, that’s a good sign.)  So, we had a nice visit (he only tried to run away three times) and we were able to do away with the need for a formal IEP meeting by discussing a shortened school day for Christian while I was there.  (We originally had the IEP meeting set-up for Wednesday afternoon.  I’m SO glad that we could come to a reasonable conclusion today so that Christian can keep his OT appointment on Wednesday afternoon!)  By the time our visit was done, it was too close to his school start time to run all the way home and back, so we just stayed in town.  I stopped to get him some lunch.  He needed to go to the bathroom, so we stopped in the library to eat up a few minutes.  There was absolutely no one else in the Children’s section, so he was free to explore until he found an emergency exit door and escaped into the parking lot heading for a busy street.  Sigh. (I thought that it was only a window behind that bookcase.  Boy, was I ever wrong!)  Once I caught up with him, we headed back to the car and headed over to school (a little early).  As I pulled into the parking lot, Christian started balling his eyes out.  “[JM].  Blue swing?  [JM].  Blue swing?” — he kept repeating.  ([JM] is his OT we see on Wednesday afternoons.)  We sat in the car for a few minutes.  He calmed down (a bit).   I shut off the engine and the tears and screaming started again.  Sigh.  I picked him up and carried him into the school.  Into his classroom.  He wrapped his arms around my neck and was determined to stay attached.  After being there an eternity 1510 minutes, he decided it was OK to look at his favorite book and I snuck out the door  (not wanting to cause another scene).  I came home to find Olivia and Brian napping on the couch, so set about to my work of picking up (since it looked like our house had thrown-up on itself – sigh).  I got quite a bit done, as they both took a nice LONG nap.  (I happened to find another pee puddle, too, as I picked up Christian’s letters.  Should I not find it funny that he peed on the letter “P”???)  Then it was time to pick Christian back up.  Olivia and I hopped back in the car as Brian headed back to the cows.  Christian didn’t have the best of days today — on and off all afternoon with the crying and other emotions — but he was happy to see us, well, until we got home and got in the house — then he started beating the snot out of Olivia (for no good reason that I could tell).  Sigh.  So she was totally “scared of Christian” for the next hour.  Ack.  In the midst of that, our county case person had come over to get a signature so she can discuss our case with the state.  And the kids continued to hit each other on and off all afternoon (and I’m tired of playing referee).   I’m also tired of being slapped and screamed at by Christian (apparently that’s my “payback” from holding him for a vaccination last week ‘cuz that’s when that started).  I’m praying for a calmer evening.  I’m praying they will be good and tired from their busy days and go to bed early tonight.  I’m praying to keep my sanity until that happens.

Oh, and the gas station attendant asked if I was pregnant.  Sigh.  My youngest is three.  And I had a tubal.  So, um, no.  I’m not.  Still losing the “baby weight.”

But there was good in the day, too…  Christian will be allowed to have a shortened day that his teacher and I will work out once his schedule for next year is known and because of that we don’t need to have another IEP meeting on Wednesday, Christian will finally start intensive in-home therapy on Friday and I’m excited that his day is finally coming for that, and I got the house semi-picked up (meaning I don’t have to be quite as embarrassed when Christian’s respite person gets here tomorrow morning (so glad to have her back after her week-and-a-half vacation). 

Sigh.  What a day!